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Build a career that suits your lifestyle with a dynamic team where your voice and recognition matters. Here, we recognize individuality where you get inspired, have fun and collaborate with great minds while supporting you to grow and reach your full potential. We are the best at what we do. You too can! Check out our open positions below.


Supported by exceptional benefits.

We appreciate the great work that our team does every day. That’s why we offer an excellent benefit package that
ensures each person has what they need to succeed inside and outside of the office.

Your work matters

Every job in Shago is important from a janitor to the tech guru and to the executives. Our employees across all departments feel connected to the business and have an understanding of how their jobs impacts the overall success of the organization.

Health and wellness

We recognize that our health is vital to be productive as a team. Therefore we foster a work culture that promotes employees wellness initiatives because we care about the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our colleagues as it determines how we feel, think and act.

Conducive workspace

As an organisation, we understand that the workplace is where we spend most of our time and the atmosphere determines our productivity, therefore we have processes in place to ensure its environment is conducive, free and safe for our employees to work.

Great Communication

We make communication an integral part of our workplace strategy regardless of an individual’s hierarchy within the company and this has impacted strong working relationships, team collaboration, workplace trust at all levels of the organisation.

Team bonding experience

As a team, we engage in some fun activities that help us bond and vibe with colleagues, which has increased employee productivity and employee experience.

High-end work tools

Employees are more productive on the job when provided with quality and smart work tools. So we pride ourselves in providing high-end devices, resources and applications to our employees to aid their efficiency on the job.


Available job openings

List of job opening currently available at shago.

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